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Sat 12th Oct, 2019|The Auction Centre, Leyburn | Starts 10:30am

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Thursday 10 October 10am-4pm, Friday 11 October 9am-5pm and morning of the sale. 

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The sale will feature early Mouseman furniture which charts the development of Robert Thompson’s iconic designs around the pivotal year of 1928 when his signature carved mice are thought to have first appeared. Consigned by several vendors, the sale  is perhaps the most interesting opportunity for specialist Mouseman collectors to buy exceptional early pieces in recent years. Three of the pieces in the sale are unmarked or ‘pre-mouse’ (dating from before 1928) which incorporate widely used furniture shapes and styles that Thompson would go on to eschew in his own canon of designs. The first is a chair, at first unrecognisable as a traditional piece of Mouseman furniture (£2,000-3,000 + b.p.). The chair, which emulates furniture from an earlier century, has incorporated into the back an earlier heraldic panel carved by another hand. However, when the chair is turned over an inscription is revealed, which reads ‘Thompson Kilburn York’, the lettering matches that found on a 1915 table in the Kilburn Mouseman Museum. Second is a small dish-top tool made from dark burr oak, a shape that would go onto become a staple design (£500-700 + b.p.). However, Thompson was clearly experimenting at this stage, as the stool has barley-twist legs and stylised carved leaves at each corner of the top, and carved decoration along each side. Thirdly is a chair, which has turned front legs, a stylised vase-shape back, and stylised scroll decoration (£300-400 + b.p.).

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